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We love to reach and touch someone with our homemade goodness by attending various food events!

Our latest table display in February 2018

Canned Fresh By Lois

Delicious homemade goodness

Customer Service, Quality, Selection, Wait Time
Had a wonderful conversation with Lois!  She had a great selection of product.
I purchased spreads, soup, salsa and relish.  Just tried the relish with my turkey on rye and it was the perfect accompaniment.  Not to sweet and just the right amount of crunch.
Hope to see Lois in Glenside again!
I was so happy to have another opportunity to purchase some of Lois's fine foods.
The soup, pickle relish and salsa were wonderful and this time I got a chance to try something new.

Barbara Anne Maletsky LOIS- cannot tell you what a joy it was to meet you! Hope the Media Fair was a good one for you! My daughter took biscuits from my freezer I had made on Sat morning, heated them, SLATHERED them with your Hot Pepper Jelly, came over this morning and got 2 more! Lol! You’re a hard working woman! May God continue to bless you!

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I was visiting my brother the weekend of June 22nd and we all stopped over at the Library for the Farmer’s market.
 I came across your stand and fell in love with your products, especially the Bacon Jam & Honey'd jalapeno's !!  
 So happy that you ship.. From Lisa

Tasty jams and jellies. We picked up the tomato jam, lemon preserves and the mango at Horsham Farmers market.  Scrumptious! The tomato jam makes a great glaze or dipping sauce for chicken...  From Janet

Lois comes from a long line of fantastic home baked goods family, from 'big Bubie' to now, each mentor truly embraced home cooking to it's finest.

We use fine ingredients and traditional methods to produce exceptional products for salsa, jams and yummy toppings for your favorite cakes and breads.  Don't limit yourself to breads and cakes.....we love experimenting with all kinds of dishes and appetizers using the jams, butters and salsa !!   Check in with us at a show and ask about some of our favorites !!

While we continually strive for innovation in our kitchen, we’re still making our creations the way grandma made them.  And she'd be pretty proud of that.

Lauren Vanden Broeck 2019

Thank you so much! 
Your Xmas jam is honestly the best jam I have ever had and the ONLY jam I have made it through, all the way to the bottom of the jar, scraping the sides. 
Thank you so much for giving this to the world!!!!